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GrocerKey CEO Jeremy Neren says adding online ordering to the mobile app made sense because has seen a steady increase in mobile users since the site was launched. Mobile traffic, he says, now represents just over 50% of website visits.


“Figure out the seats you need filled to grow your company without your involvement,” GrocerKey CEO Jeremy Neren says… “Total up the cost associated with filling all necessary seats and put together a plan of how far you can scale with those seats filled."


The founder and CEO of GrocerKey discussed his reaction to Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and GrocerKey’s progress in signing up more stores to use its software. He was also interviewed for an article in Entrepreneur magazine about turning an eCommerce “side hustle” into a legitimate business.


An interview with Jeremy Neren, GrocerKey CEO: “White label on-demand delivery app platform GrocerKey is expanding its omnichannel offerings to help local brands like Woodman's Markets compete in the changing supermarket landscape.”


“The Amazon deal demonstrates the need for grocery retailers to move faster in their digital efforts. There was already pressure to do so… that pressure only increases with Amazon now having a nationwide brick-and-mortar presence to add to its arsenal.”


“We have a wealth of knowledge around customers and where they’re selecting products from. That knowledge can be shared with CPG companies to serve as another revenue stream, not only for GrocerKey, but for the retailers we work with.”


“The retailer maintains a direct relationship with customers, so it can ensure that the online experience reinforces their brand.”


“GrocerKey understands the independent grocery business and what needs to be done to satisfy the customer. They’ve represented us very well.” 


“Shoppers receive a text message when their delivery leaves the warehouse... (and) they may log into their account from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to track the delivery.”


“We have backend technology that makes them more efficient…(for example) to set up a pick-pack, so that their shopper is walking the store in the most efficient manner possible.”


“I’m very excited about and how it can grow moving forward. It allows us to really differentiate from our competitors while providing excellent service to our customers.”


“The time for convenience stores to make the move into eCommerce and delivery is now. Being first has its rewards. Lagging behind will lead to erosion and customers who will go online elsewhere…”

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