Our Process

Much More Than a Technology Provider

GrocerKey is the only retailer-branded grocery technology provider that operates an eCommerce grocery business on behalf of a grocery chain retailer.

Our team has 50+ years of eCommerce grocery operations experience. As a result, our technology solution contains functionality that has been rigorously tested and is continually undergoing iterations based on our real-world experience.

Additionally, GrocerKey is able to share trade secrets and operational insights to help retailers with:

  • A custom go-to-market strategy
  • An ecommerce business P&L
  • Store-level operational planning
  • Basket development
  • Assortment and pricing strategy
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Defining KPIs
  • Data analytics & reporting
  • Ongoing evaluation and refinement

An Active R&D Program

GrocerKey has established a reliable "Learning Lab" environment via ongoing management of ShopWoodmans.com (on behalf of our client Woodman's Markets). It is staffed with a Head of R&D (an engineer and programmer), who works alongside contributors on our talented development team. We obsess over how to make the eCommerce grocery operation more efficient and create a better overall customer experience, and we’re able to rapidly test and iterate new concepts.

Woodman's stores are 250,000 square feet (about the size of two Sam's Clubs) and average 7,000 transactions daily. By testing and maintaining high quality standards in a complex environment, we ensure that our retail clients operate a step above of the competition.

We focus on several things in the GrocerKey Learning Lab:

  • A hanging bag fulfillment system, requiring 25% the staging space of alternative fulfillment processes
  • Automated management and staffing systems
  • eCommerce grocery shopping cart
  • Pull cart for efficient loading and unloading from the store to the customer’s door
  • A connected kitchen device
  • Complex product substitutions based on purchase history and product ingredients
  • An IoT-driven fulfillment process
  • Unique CPG brand engagement strategies and monetization opportunities

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