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Comprehensive Technology Sets Us Apart

GrocerKey provides an industry best-practice user experience plus comprehensive backend technology based on our team’s decades of eCommerce grocery operations experience. Our retailer-branded eCommerce grocery technology solution for mid- to large-sized brick & mortar chains enables local “click & 
collect” and delivery services.

The GrocerKey platform incorporates:

  • A mobile-optimized eCommerce store and native mobile apps
  • A management dashboard to oversee store-level operations and update settings in real time
  • And a “pick, pack & fulfill” mobile operations app that ensures operational efficiency


Branded Online Store, Optimized for Mobile

• Responsive design for shopping from any device
• Industry-best site speed and usability

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Native Apps

• Build & View Shopping Lists
• Search & View Product Locations
• Clip Digital Coupons
• View Discounted Items
• Shop
• Pickup & Delivery



Pick, Pack, & Fulfill App

• Prepare eCommerce orders efficiently
• Ensure accuracy
• Provide real-time updates to customers
• Manage substitutions and out-of-stocks


Comprehensive Management System

• Effortlessly manage your eCommerce business
• Access critical data and insights to improve your eCommerce operations
• Store-level control
• Ability to make real-time updates as needed

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