A GrocerKey Success Story

Woodman's achieves profitability and fulfills more than 200,000 eCommerce orders in first three years of operations

Woodman’s Markets grocery chain has 16 stores throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. GrocerKey launched eCommerce for the company with local pickup and delivery in Madison, WI in 2015. It has since expanded by adding local pickup and/or delivery at all other locations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

In just its first few months of eCommerce, Woodman’s experienced a 65-75% jump in new customers and an average order size roughly five times that of in-store customers.

Average online order size at ShopWoodmans.com was $134 in its first four months of operation, jumped to $144 in the following quarter, and has now exceeded $150, according to Woodman’s vice president Clint Woodman.

Most importantly, Woodman's has been able to implement eCommerce profitably - reaching this milestone in less than a year from launch. Every time an eCommerce order is placed, Woodman's bottom line increases.


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